ūüéĀ What I got for Christmas 2017!

Hey guys! I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas, just like me. I was so stressed when I woke up on Christmas Day because I had a migraine brewing so that knocked me out for a few hours and made me feel a big gross for the rest of the day but it didn’t kill my Christmas spirit! I think I’m making the same disclaimer as everyone in this post that I’m not posting this to brag or anything – I can’t tell you how many people’s posts I’ve read this Christmas just out of sheer nosiness. I’m very,¬†very¬†blessed by the gifts that I got and I am so grateful to everyone who bought me anything.

Let’s get into it!


I knew that I was going to get a fair bit of makeup from my Mum because I picked it out myself so I have these below from her:

  1. Nyx Liquid Suede in Foul Mouth and Biker Babe. Foul Mouth is the blue shade below and I’m going to be doing a look with it very soon so keep a look out for that! I’m also going to do the same with Biker Babe which is a metallic red shade.
  2. Sophdoesnails / Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow palette. I love Sophie so much, she’s one of my favourite Youtubers so I¬†had¬†to get my hands on this palette. There’s such a wide range of colours so I’m also going to be doing tonnes of looks with this, too.
  3. Makeup Revolution powder brush. I’ve never tried Makeup Revolution brushes before so I was intrigued and I love this brush. It’s so soft.
  4. Sleek Makeup Giftset. This was a real surprise from my godmother who I don’t think even really knows how into makeup I am but I was¬†so¬†excited to see this in here. It has a mascara which I love, an eyeshadow palette and two eyeliners. I’ll be doing a look on this, too, surprise surprise!
  5. Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk. This is a beauty staple but I’ve literally never tried it before so I was so excited to get this from my Mama. I have a feeling I’m gonna use it every day.¬†


I love getting new clothes at Christmas especially when they’re complete surprises because I like seeing what people would put me in. Is that weird? I don’t know!

  1. Kneehigh socks from Powder. These are in the photo below and I was so happy to get these – I didn’t think I was going to. They’re so perfect for a knee high, they don’t slip down and they’re so comfy and warm. I love the white little frill at the top, it just adds to the cuteness!
  2. La Vie Est Belle jumper from Primark. These jumpers are my favourite! If you guys haven’t seen them then please get yourself down to Primark – they’re doing a bunch of sweater jumpers which are so soft. I actually have three of them now I love them so much.
  3. Aristocat’s Marie PJ’s from Primark. Marie is one of my favourite Disney characters ever and I could have put money on my sister getting me something from her range at Primark, I love these PJs so much. P.S. I know I haven’t done photos for everything – it’s mainly just because I don’t want to clog up the post but if you go to your nearest Primark, it’ll be there!
  4. Shirt dress from TU – this is a long checkered dress shirt which is also from my sister and I love it. It’s grey and knee length and so soft.
  5. Star dressing gown from TU – I have been in need of a new dressing gown for a long time now and I literally squeaked when I got this. It’s the softest thing I’ve ever touched and it has a hood! Cosiness Central.
  6. Sparkly slippers from TU – I was also long overdue new slippers and these are so lovely. I’ve been so lucky with everything cosy that I’ve had.
  7. French bulldog jumper from Next РI wore this on Christmas day, it is so cute. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love French bulldogs.
  8. Oversized jumper from Topshop – and oversized jumpers! I love jumpers so so so much and Topshop always do craaaazy super soft jumpers which are perfect for this time of year. I can’t wait to wear this.
  9. Checkered shirt from TU – this is the one that is in my blue lipstick photo and it’s also embroidered with some orange flowers. It’s so lovely.


I just put this in all the little nick nacky things that I got from my nearest and dearest.

  1. Romeo & Juliet Notebook – my mum is my #1 biggest fan on my blog so she bought this for when my current blog book runs out. I also am such a huge fan of Baz Luhrrman’s Romeo & Juliet and I watch it all the time so this was a nod to that, too.
  2. Keep Calm I’m A Blogger mug – exactly what it says on the tin (mug?) It’s so cute, and I love tea!
  3. Funko Pop Dolls – I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on my Pop Dolls before and I’ll have to because my collection is growing quite rapidly! My mum got me an Ariel one, a Deadpool one and a Beast one from Beauty and the Beast.
  4. Pug calendar – like I said earlier, I’m a dog nut. My dad got me this!
  5. QI Book – a little book of facts which I can randomly share in conversation.
  6. Lindt Teddy Bear – this seriously won’t last long, another gift from my dad.

So, there you have it! What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments! Also now that Blogmas is over, I won’t be blogging every day but I will be posting three times a week – I’m still deciding on the days so I’ll let you know!

Also, also! I know my blog is looking a bit of a mess right now – I bought a new theme which is being installed in the next 48 hours so I’m just waiting for that to go through.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas Day #24 – How Blogmas changed the way I blog!

Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve! We’re finally here at the end of Blogmas and I have to tell you, it has been one of the best things I’ve ever participated in. First of all, I’m really proud of myself for actually posting every single day and keeping my content to a quality that I’m happy with. I normally start these things and get bored or don’t make enough time to do it but this time, I was really determined and with good reason. I’ve seen just how much my blogging has changed and how much it’s improved, too. So I thought for the last day, I would summarise it and tell you guys what I’ve learned!

Also, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me to be making this post because this is my 100th post on this blog. I seriously can’t believe I’ve written so much and that people have actually read it! Thank you guys so much for your support.

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Increased focus on my photo quality.

I just want to show you guys a thing. In November, I started taking my own photos instead of getting them off of Google and I’m so glad that I did because I feel like it’s added a lot more personality to my blog. But it still just didn’t look right to me. I don’t have anywhere specifically to take photos so I initially just placed the products on top of my laptop to take the pictures and… well, here is the difference between my photos now and my photos then.


Same product, same camera but there’s a completely different feel to both of the photos. The first looks just lazy and unplanned and like I’m trying to sell something on Ebay. But the next photo looks so much more crisp and clean and you get a much better idea of what the product actually looks like. The placement of something extra, too, like the empty milk bottle jar and the paisley print underneath adds so much more to the photo, too, and just really draws you in. I’m definitely going to focus much more on my photography in 2018 because I really want to improve it.

2. Realised the importance of social media.

Everyone says it but I don’t think I ever fully believed it or thought that it was really that important. But recently, I’ve been much more active on Twitter and Instagram because I’ve been reading everyone’s posts through there anyway. I’ve seen such an increase in so many things – how many people I talk to, traffic to my blog and general interaction. Twitter is such a good place for networking through the hashtags and mentioning groups that aid promoting blog posts (they normally end in _RT). I also run lots of polls on there to see what people would like me to do next on my blog etc. Instagram I’m still getting to grips with but I really enjoy using it. I did my first Instagram story the other day which was so much fun – I’m really looking forward to doing more of them and maybe even a live in 2018.

3. Collaborating with people is the best thing ever.

My very first Blogmas post was a collaboration with one of my fellow blogging gals and it was so much fun to do. First of all, I contacted her to talk about what we were going to do and then I wrote up the post. I feel as if I’ve gained a friend from collaborating with her but also, it was so interesting to see how different our blogging styles are and what we bring differently to the same topic. I enjoyed it so much and I would definitely do it again.

4. And so are guest posts.

I had my sister and my mum guest post on the blog and it was so lovely to have them involved. They have been so supportive of me ever since I started my blog, they’ve read every single post and have told me what they liked and what could be improved. They’ve also given me ideas, my sister let me use her room as a mini photography studio. Everything about what they’ve done has been amazing and they really enjoyed writing their posts, too! You can see them here and here.

5. If you work hard, it pays off.

So every post I would say takes at least half an hour to write. Even though some of them have taken me a whole day if I’ve had to take and edit pictures or do some heavy research. There was one post that literally took 7-8 hours to write and it’s one of the ones I am most proud of. When you include this and also promoting your posts on social media, there’s a lot of hours invested into my posts – a lot more than I used to invest when I was first blogging and it’s really paid off. I’ll do an official stats post at the end of the month as I always do but I’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic to my blog and followers – I only hope this continues!

So, there you have it! What did you guys enjoy most about doing Blogmas? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you and your families/friends have an amazing Christmas – I want to hear all about them once I come back. I’m going to be taking Christmas and Boxing Day off from blogging/social media so I will be back with a post on the 28th. I’ll see you all then.

God bless.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas Day #23 – Five Christmas films that you need to see!

Hey guys! I know I say it every time but I literally can’t believe how quick all of this has gone – I’ve loved doing Blogmas so much! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. We are only one day away from it finishing and two days away from Christmas! I can’t wait – I wish I felt a little bit more Christmassy, though! I think I peaked too soon which is what I do every single year, whomp whomp.

Anyway! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is watching the films all curled up under a blanket with the Christmas lights on. So I thought I would share which films are my absolute favourite to watch at Christmas.

  1. Muppets’ Christmas Carol.

It’s in the singing of the street corner choir, it’s going home and getting warm by the fire; it’s true wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas!¬†This is by far my favourite Christmas film of¬†all time. I really link it to being younger because it was the first time I had ever seen it was when I was about five, I think. But I think I was too young and a bit scared because let’s be real, the Christmas Carol story itself is terrifying. We started watching it again when I was in secondary school and now I feel like Christmas doesn’t start until we’ve watched it. I love Michael Caine so much and it’s so uplifting and Christmassy. I normally watch it at least 20 times over the Christmas period.

Image result for muppets christmas carol

2. Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Christmas.

Anyone who has followed me for a while will know just how much of a Disney buff I am and Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films ever. I don’t remember the first time I watched the Christmas version but I do remember that we had it on a VHS so that tells you how long I’ve been watching this film. It makes me cry every time though, I literally blub like a baby. It’s the main song in it¬†As Long As There’s Christmas¬†that makes me emotional because I think it’s just so apt for this time that we’re in. Also, it has Tim Curry in so that’s automatically a win.

Image result for beauty and the beast christmas

3. Polar Express.

Again, this is another film that I feel like it’s not properly Christmas until we’ve watched it. I’m really not a big fan of the whole Santa idea – I might make another post on the reasons why another time – but I just love everything that this film makes me feel. It’s so dynamic and emotional and beautiful to watch. When you consider the fact it’s quite an old film, the animation is so good and really draws you in. Also, Tom Hanks. Need I say any more?

Image result for polar express

4. Love Actually.

I want to point out that this list is in no particular order because I¬†love¬†Love Actually. Me and my sister had watched it four times by the end of the first week of December. There’s nothing not to like about it – it’s so heart-warming and¬†real. I will honestly never get bored of it. Especially as I love noticing the new things every time I watch it, new connections that I’d never noticed before. I don’t think there’s a story that is my favourite but I really love Emma Thompson in this film. I don’t think I’ve ever really been a fan of hers before but she is just so believable in her role – especially that¬†heartbreaking¬†scene with the necklace. It gets me every time.

Image result for love actually

5. A Christmas Princess.

This one is more of my lesser known films because to be honest, if I wasn’t such a fan of Katie then I don’t think anyone would know what the film even was. It’s all about a young woman who is the foster mother of two children. The two children end up being related to a royal family and invited to a castle for Christmas. General madness and merriment ensues and it is the¬†happiest¬†film I have ever seen. It’s very cheesy but it’s so good. I feel like in all of these films I’ve been like ‘I watch it for the actor’ but Katie McGrath is my favourite actress ever so I love this film.

Image result for a christmas princess

So there you have it! Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a post summarising Blogmas! I can’t believe it’s already over. What is your favourite Christmas film? Let me know in the comments below.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas #22 – Beauty Pie review / first impressions / haul!

Hey guys! We’re only two days away! I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas, nor how close we are to the end of Blogmas! I’m going to miss it so much ūüė¶ I’ve really enjoyed posting every day. Just for small future reference, I’m going to take a break over Christmas until the 28th/29th where I’ll be back with posts again and then another break over New Years. But when we’re in 2018, I’ll be posting three times a week if not more! So make sure you keep an eye on this blog – there’s lots of exciting times ahead!

Anyway – onto the post. A few days ago, I tested out Latest in Beauty which is a subscription box with a twist. You can see the post here. One of the things that they provided within the Cosmopolitan edit was a 24 hour membership with Beauty Pie. I’d never heard of the brand before so I was a little bit skeptical but I was proven wrong! A membership with Beauty Pie enables you to have 85% discount on their products – reducing their prices from high end to even cheaper than drugstore! Latest in Beauty provided ¬£100 credit per membership (full price, so if you bought five products that were originally ¬£20 then your ¬£100 would be gone, ya dig?) and there was no limit to what products you could choose.

So, what did I buy?

  1. Sundust Powder Face and Body Bronzer, in Two Week Tan.

RRP: £28
Member’s price: ¬£4.80

I’ve never tried this brand before so I was a little bit skeptical but from everything else that I had tried with Latest In Beauty, I did trust their judgement. But the first thing I will say is that I don’t think I’ve ever had makeup with such gorgeous packaging. Inside and out. It is the nicest thing I’ve ever used as you can see in the pictures below. I’ve never been a huge fan of bronzer but I guess I haven’t used the right one because this one is just¬†amazing. I can’t get over the design of it but the formula is lovely too. It blends easily and while it’s a little bit too orange for my skin, you can blend it out enough that it’s just a really lovely glow. I’ll stop saying lovely but that’s the only way I can describe this product!

2. Pro-Stroke Luminizer Highlight Powder in Beaming.

RRP: £24
Member’s price: ¬£5.50.

Again, is this not the most beautiful packaging you’ve ever seen? I love how they don’t just think about the sleek design on the outside but they really pay attention to what is inside. It is so beautiful, I almost don’t want to use it. But I did. I was expecting this to be more bedazzling but it’s perfect for creating a really subtle glow. When I tried to apply this with a brush, there was literally nothing there so I would recommend using your fingers. The formula is really buttery which turns from¬†almost¬†a cream product to a powder. It applies so nicely to the skin and looks natural.

3. Fantasticolour Liquid Lipstick in Winner.

RRP: £20
Member’s price: ¬£4.37

If you guys have been following me for a while then you’ll know how obsessed I am with liquid lipsticks. I am literally trying every one that I can at the moment so if there’s any that you think I should try please let me know in the comments. I really like this one – there’s nothing that particularly¬†amazing¬†about the formula but for the price I got it for with this deal, it’s pretty good. It does transfer quite a lot which I was a bit disappointed by but its real selling point is definitely the applicator. It is so precise, you don’t even need a lip liner beneath! The formula itself is coconut infused which is something I think needs to be in bigger, bolder letters because my mum is¬†so¬†allergic to it.

4. 3D Liquid Shine Liquid Lipstick in Blushy.

RRP: £20
Member’s price: ¬£3.25

I would say that this one is the one I’m the most disappointed with but it’s literally entirely my fault for buying a pinky lipstick. I thought this was going to be more of a nude pink but it’s literally bright pink which I never wear so I’m royally gutted about that. I might try it again and see if I can convert myself to a pink lipstick but if not, I’ll be cleaning up the applicator and using it in a giveaway. The reason I’m so gutted is the formula is¬†gorgeous. It’s a mixture between a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick and it is so shiny and beautiful. It also plumps your lips so it’s a win/win. If you buy it in the right colour.

P.S. Who likes my Christmas tree nails? They’re so lush.

So, there you have it! I would be really interested to try more Beauty Pie products but full price, I just can’t afford them right now so @Beauty Pie, if you wanna hit me up with some products – wink wonk.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas #21 – Elsa Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Hey guys! Who’s getting excited for Christmas? I know I am – I can’t wait! On Twitter the other day, I asked if you guys wanted to see a different type of makeup tutorial as I’ve been doing a few of them over the Blogmas period. I did my New Years one yesterday which won the poll but the one that came a close second was an Elsa makeup tutorial. For those of you who haven’t seen Frozen, she’s an ice Queen who kicks butt and pretty much every little girl in 2012 wanted to be her – she’s a big reason why I dyed my hair icy blonde. I wish I’d done this tutorial when I had that hair! Just pretend.

Let’s get into it!


First of all, you want to pale up your skin as much as you can to make sure that you have a really icy base. She has super pale skin but you can skip this step if you’re dark-skinned – what I would suggest is mixing your foundation with a cream highlighter/illuminator to give you that look as if you’ve been touched by ice. Especially if it’s super glitter-y, it’ll work perfectly! My foundation of choice is the¬†L‚ÄôOreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation* in Ivory. I didn’t personally mix it with a highlighter but Nyx’s Illuminator* in Sunbeam would work perfectly.

Fill in your brows. Elsa has quite natural looking brows that grow thicker as they work towards the bridge of the nose so try and recreate that with your brow gel of choice. Mine is Rimmel London’s Brow Gel* in Medium Brown. However, if you’re going for the Elsa look entirely then it might be good to go for a more ash-y brown – especially if you’re wearing a wig.


I feel bad for keep using this palette as it is a¬†fake¬†and I wouldn’t recommend buying them but purely for colour reference, my Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is so good for colourful looks which I have been doing recently. Apply¬†Love Letter¬†or a bright pink of your choice all over the lid.

Around Elsa’s very cartoon-y eyes, she has a pretty purple crease. Pick a purple of your choice and apply it to your crease then blend until everything looks as it should. I took mine from the¬†Acevivi* palette. The colour I used is the third row down, fourth column in. It’s such a deep purple and looks lovely blended with¬†Love Letter. I’ve been naming the shades every time I mention my Acevivi palette as they don’t have their own names so we’ll call this one¬†Let It Go. Apply a mascara or lashes of your choice. I’m using my Miss Baby Roll mascara by L’Oreal Paris*.

Then, I applied LOC’s eyeshadow stick in my waterline but Nyx’s Jumbo Pencil in Milk would work nicely. This is a good trick to really open your eyes and make them look big and cartoon-y. I’d also run them over your lower lashes to look like they’ve got snow flakes on them – it really added some va-va-voom to the look.

Go crazy with blush. I used my favourite Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold palette and the really bright pink colour on my cheeks but it still wasn’t blush-y enough so I took¬†Thrilled¬†by Tarte and really worked that into the apples of my cheeks. It adds to your glow-y look as if you’ve been standing out in the snow all day. (Not that it bothered you anyway.) Dot on some faux freckles and a really icy highlighter. I took my favourite from the Revolution Blush palette again.

The perfect Elsa lip colour is Pommie Girl by Soap & Glory. It really ties the whole look together and looks so pretty. Line it first if you want but if you are using this colour then you don’t really need to – it doesn’t bleed at all and the lipstick is easy to apply.

elsa lipstick

So, there you have it! Did you guys like this look? Have you done an Elsa inspired makeup before? If so, leave it in the comments below РI want to see it! Let me know what makeup look you would like me to do next, I am loving these posts.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas Day #20 – New Years Eve makeup tutorial!

Hey guys! I know it seems a bit backwards to be doing a New Years makeup look before we’ve even had Christmas but when I did a poll on Twitter, this was what you guys wanted to see next! I’ve done two previous Christmas looks here and here if you would like to see that. This is also a continuation from yesterday’s post which was a review of Latest in Beauty’s collaboration with Cosmopolitan for partying – meaning we have the perfect products for a party look! So this is also a full face of first impressions!

new years makeup

For base, I did my usual routine of applying the Nivea‚Äôs Daily Essentials moisturiser*¬†all over my face. I usually just have that as the primer because it does a pretty good job of keeping your makeup on all day but I received my Erborian Pink Perfect Creme which I used as a primer. It definitely smooths out your skin a little bit – not an earth shattering amount – but I think you can see quite a difference in my skin in the photo above. It’s a pink cream which I’ve never seen in a primer before but I do like it – it smells lovely, too!

I then applied my¬†¬†Maybelline‚Äôs Fit Me foundation*¬†in 120 which is a bit too dark for me but I’ve mentioned before that when you’re wearing a more dramatic / night time look, I feel like you get away with it so long as you blend it in as well as you can. I applied it with the new square foundation brush that I got from Real Techniques in a giveaway haul that I did a post on a few days ago. It didn’t get an entirely seamless look so I also buffed it in with the buffing brush which gave it a nice airbrushed look. I then set it with Nyx’s HD Finishing Powder*.

I then used my new IT Cosmetics Brow Power pencil which is my new favourite brow product of all time. The pencil is flat and thin so it makes it easy to create realistic hair strokes if that’s the look that you like. It also matches my colour exactly so it’s perfect for filling in the sparse areas in your brow.

lib brow

Then, for the eyes, I used the Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long. This is the perfect palette for a party look as it has loads of smokey, deep colours. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a bit tricky to blend together nicely but the colours really are beautiful. I applied the fourth row, second column colour – none of them have shade names – all over the lid. I then was addicted to the khaki green colour which had a lot of shimmer to it which is the third row down. I put that mainly in the crease then I deepened the whole look with the copper-y red shade on the second column, top row. I blended that out onto the bottom lash line, too. I then applied a delicate winged liner with my go-to¬†Rimmel London‚Äôs Glameyes liquid eyeliner*.¬†

lib palette

I then applied lots of bronzer which is the Hoola Benefit bronzer and lots of highlight. You want a highlight that has that slightly wet look if that makes sense. You can see it very clearly on my nose. It’s perfect for a look like this, especially if you’re planning on going out for the night as this will catch the light really nicely – you’ll light up the dancefloor! My favourite is the Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold blush palette which I rave about all the time.

¬†Last but certainly not least, the lips! This is by far my favourite part of the look and I was really worried about it because I’ve gone off of red lipstick recently. But Sleek’s Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red. The formula of this is the nicest liquid lipstick formula I have ever tried and it dried down to the beautiful colour that you can see here. It just brings the look together completely. You also don’t need to worry about your lipstick staining the glass either if you’re out in the clubs – it has no transfer!

Set with whatever you feel is best and then you are ready to get your glad rags on and party your way through to 2018.

Would you guys wear this? Let me know in the comments below and let me know if there’s any more makeup looks you would like me to do! I really enjoy doing them myself.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas #19 – Latest in Beauty Cosmopolitan Party Starter box!

Hey guys! We are getting so close to Christmas but Christmas came quite early for me yesterday – I had my haul post from yesterday and my Latest In Beauty package. I’ve been looking for an additional subscription box to Birchbox because I just love getting them through the post so much! Then I discovered Latest in Beauty.

Their original initiative is that you can pick the products that you get each month from a selection they update on their website monthly. While I really like this idea, I actually decided to go for one of their collection boxes instead. They team together with various brands/films/whatever and create a box based on what they think matches the brand if that makes sense. The box that I picked was their collaboration with Cosmopolitan and it’s specifically for partying!

Let’s get into it!

  1. St. Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss, 30ml.

Sample worth: £2.40
Full size worth: £8 for 100ml.

I was so excited to see this in the box as I’ve already tried St Tropez products before and I absolutely¬†love¬†them. This one isn’t a full on fake-tan, it’s just to give you a golden glow and make your skin look softer. I think this would be perfect for on top of a fake tan but on my pale skin, it just looked¬†so¬†oily and like I’d put my hand into a chip pan. I didn’t really like this so I’ll be filing it away until summer comes around again to see how I feel about it! If you’ve got darker skin than me, I think it would look lovely. (Also, sorry for the state of my nails, getting them done in two days!)


2. It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Pencil, full size РRRP £19.00.

The main difference already between Latest in Beauty and Birchbox is that Birchbox puts the full price in their little booklet but LIB doesn’t which I¬† think is a real shame! I was so shocked when I saw the price of what this should really be – I’ll tell you guys how much I paid for all this at the bottom of the post! I was so excited to try an IT Cosmetics product in itself. I’ve heard a lot of good things and I loved this product. The shape of the pencil made it easy to create fake hair strokes. I’m doing a post tomorrow using all of these products so you can see how my brows look then! It’s a lot of a softer look than I’m used to but it looks super natural.

lib brow

3. Erborian Pink Perfect Creme, 5ml.

Sample size: £5
Full size: £15 for 15ml.

I haven’t actually heard of this brand before so I was a little dubious but I really liked this primer. I think it made my makeup sit nicely on the skin. It claims to completely blur your pores but I wouldn’t say this was the case. The Nyx Pore Filler definitely did a better job of doing that but this is still a lovely product nonetheless. The texture of it is like Angel Delight, that’s all I can describe it as – it’s definitely more of a cream than silicone-based. It did leave a bit of an oily sheen but I do have naturally oily skin anyway so that’s not entirely its fault.


(¬†get 15% off erborian.co.uk using code¬†COSMOERBO¬†until 26th Jan ’18 )

4. Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge, full size РRRP £7.49

This could not have come at a better time as I’ve just had to throw away my old PS Beauty beauty blenders, they got so disgusting even though I did wash them. Grim. I really liked this sponge. It was a lot more dense than the other ones I’ve used so it almost blended too well? If you want a really natural look for your contour then this is the way to go – blending was literally effortless.


5. Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red, 3ml.

Sample worth: £2.50.
Full size: £5 at 6ml.

I was so excited to see this in here as I have been wanting to try Sleek’s liquid lipsticks for so long and it certainly did not disappoint. I pulled a face when I saw that it was a lip cream as I don’t normally get on well with them but this is literally a liquid lipstick. At first, I was no into the colour as it was a very clown-ish red but when it dried down, ooooh man. I literally fell in love. It is the softest lipstick ever, you can barely feel it on your lips. I can honestly say it’s the only lipstick I own that dries down to completely matte, too. I’m so into it, it’s made me fall in love with red lipstick again. I’m going to be doing a look with this tomorrow so make sure you look out for that!


( get 15% off sleekmakeup.com with code COSMOBOX until Boxing Day )

6. Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste, 35ml.

Sample worth: £3.85
Full size: £11 for 100ml.

Excuse these really atrocious pictures of my face, I’d just got out of the shower and was about to go to bed. I’ve seen a lot about charcoal toothpastes but I’ve always been too scared to try them. I really liked this – it wasn’t as black as I thought it was going to be but it definitely did make a difference to my teeth on first use so I’ll be interested to see what continued use does!


7. Soaper Duper Vanilla Shea Body Wash, 100ml.

Sample size worth: £1.20
Full size: £6 at 500ml.

I always pull a face when I see body wash stuff in subscription boxes just because I’m not really that fussed? As long as it makes me smell good and gets me clean then that’s all¬† I care about. This smells so good, though, it’s really milky and creamy. It literally comes out like milk which unnerved me a bit but then it builds up a lot. I can still smell it on my skin now and I showered last night at 9pm and it’s 3pm the next day.


8. Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Portable Razor, full size РRRP £4.97.

I was¬†so¬†happy to see this in here as I think it’s such an innovative idea. It always happens to me in summer that you’re just about to sit down with your friends and you spot that one little patch you missed – this is perfect for that! It’s also super naughty and I wouldn’t recommend because I know you’re not supposed to do it but I’m definitely going to use it for those pesky chin hairs that appear.

lib razor

9. Tigi Mini Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray, 100ml.

Sample size worth: £2.36
Full size worth: £9.10 at 385ml.

I’ve got to admit that I don’t use hairspray all that often – literally just if I curl my hair which happens once in a blue moon because I get really frustrated with it – so I might put this in a giveaway but I’ve heard good things about Bed Head!

lib hair spray

10. Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long, 2.4g.

Sample size worth: £1.66.
Full size: £8.99 for 13g.

This was the one that I was most excited for in preparation but unfortunately, the most disappointed with. I get that it’s a sample size but I don’t think the photo shows just how tiny this really is. It is¬†so¬†small that I can barely get even my fingers in to get any colour and I really had to dig my brush in to get anything. I’m going to be using this in the look tomorrow, too, so stay tuned for that. The colours themselves were lovely and pigmented but¬†impossible¬†to blend nicely. Some parts kept sticking to random patches on my lid and refused to move.


11. Nails Inc Nail Polish in Mayfair Market, full size РRRP £15.

My mum is obsessed with this brand – she swears by it. I get my nails done as a monthly treat so I couldn’t use this but my mum uses the one that I got in Birchbox all the time. She loved this colour.


(¬†get 25% off nailsinc.com using code¬†COSMO25¬†until 25th January ’18 )

12. GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Mask Treatment, 15g.

Sample size worth: (approx) £11.20
Full size: £33.60 at 50g.

I can’t believe how much this product is worth. I really didn’t like it and it really didn’t like me. My skin reacted so badly to it which I was really disappointed by as I’ve heard a lot of good things about GlamGlow but it made me come up in a red patchy rash. What a rip off for that amount of money though! Especially with how much you had to use – if it works on your skin then by all means, love it to bits. I just really didn’t.


13. Eylure Volume No.100 Lashes, full size РRRP £5.39.

I love Eylure lashes. I’ve only ever tried them and Social Eyes but I really love them. I just wish I was better at putting them on which is why there isn’t an image of what they look like on. Also the fact that I’m going to be wearing glasses all day and they are so annoying with glasses! These are really beautiful, though. I’ll put a picture on my Instagram when I eventually try them.

lib lashes

(¬†get 30& off at eylure.com using code¬†COSMOLOVESEYLURE¬†until 31st Jan ’18 )¬†

14. Glitterlution Glitter Pots, ???

I literally can’t find how much these should be. I¬†hate¬†glitter, I am a disgrace to beauty gurus everywhere but I seriously can’t stand it. It was all over my box which I was really sad about because I know I’m gonna be finding it in my room for the next twenty years now. I’ll probably put these in a giveaway, too, if people want them!

lib glitter

Finally, I also got a full size pack of makeup wipes which are worth ¬£3.99 and a Beauty Pie 24 hour pass which gives you discount on Beauty Pie’s makeup for 24 hours. I’m gonna give it a look and probably give it its own post! All in all – I was¬†unbelievably¬†impressed with Latest in Beauty. I’m definitely going to be going back to them again. Let’s do the maths!

Worth of box with sample/full sizes: £88!
Worth of box if all full sizes: £154.52!
What I paid: £25!

Literally crazy value. I’m #shook. If you guys are interested then definitely give them a look. I wasn’t sent this by Latest in Beauty, I am affiliated with them in terms of I’ll get a commission if you click through my banner and buy something¬†but¬†that doesn’t change my opinion at all nor did they ask me to say anything that I have said.

Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas #18 – Giveaway Haul from Karina!

Hey guys! This is only going to be a little post but I’m so excited because my giveaway winnings from the lovely Karina came yesterday – along with my package from Latest in Beauty which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow! You guys should follow Karina’s blog here and also her Youtube here.

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Face by Sam and Nic Chapman.

This book is amazing! Written by the lovely ladies at Pixiwoo, it gives you all you need to know about makeup. I’ve already read a fair bit of this and it’s the background for all of my photos which is why it doesn’t have its own photo. I’ve already learned a lot about it and it’s not a book full of repeated information they’ve shared in their videos or stolen from someone else – it’s¬†so¬†lovely and will really help me broaden my knowledge of makeup.

2. Real Techniques Contour Brush.

I’ve never used Real Techniques brushes or tools before so I was so excited when these came through. I’m a Spectrum stan but these are so good. I’ve heard wonders about them and they did not disappoint! The contour brush is so good for working your contour in while still maintaining the shape of it. I’ve never seen a round contour tool before so I was dubious as to how it would work but it worked so nicely and gave a really nice finish.

giveaway brush 1

3. Real Techniques Detail Brush.

This is such a teeny tiny brush, I love it so much. It’s curved into a point at the end so it’s perfect for faux freckles if you’re into that – which I¬†really¬†am at the moment, I can’t get enough! – but it’s also really good for cleaning up your lipstick. I haven’t tried it yet to do a cut crease but I’m definitely going to soon!

giveaway brush 2

4. Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

First of all, I want to say I’m sorry for how shiny the orange handle of the brushes are – the sunlight was not my friend today. I think you’re supposed to use this for foundation but I wasn’t sure about it because I wanted to try it with blush. It worked so so nicely and made it look really natural. I’ll try it again in future for foundation but as you’ll see, the next brush specifies that it’s for foundation so!

giveaway brush 3

5. Real Techniques Square Foundation Brush.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned but my history with foundation brushes is not great. I’ve tried a fair few and I’ve never liked the effect that they’ve given nor the finish they leave on your face. I think they quite often look streaky but wow, this one is amazing. I was a bit worried about the shape of it because I thought it was a recipe for disaster but it has given my face such an airbrushed look – I cannot recommend it enough! I use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation* and it’s never looked so good before. Brushes really do make all the difference.

giveaway brush

6. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Plum This Show.

Again, the sun isn’t my friend in these pictures but this is honestly one of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever used in my life. Even though it’s a bit streaky, once you build it up, it looks amazing and stays on so well. It doesn’t dry out your lips, it doesn’t sit heavily on them. You can’t even tell you’re wearing lipstick. It also survived a cup of tea, three biscuits and a roast dinner! Amazing – I’m definitely going to be buying more shades of this!


So, there you have it!

Make sure you follow Karina and stay tuned for tomorrow when I review my Latest in Beauty box.

Morgie out.


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*post contains affiliate links, I’m under no obligation to make this post and all opinions are 100% my own.¬†

ūüéĄ Blogmas #17 – The Mystery Blogger Award.

Hey guys! Did you enjoy my sister’s post yesterday? I know I did! I was nominated by the lovely Kianna over at CoffeewithK. You should check out her blog here and also the collaboration post we did right at the beginning of Blogmas – I can’t believe we’re this far through already! Thank you so much Kianna, I’ve never been tagged in anything like this before so it really meant a lot to me.

This award was created by Okoto Engima Рyou can find her blog here! The rules of the award are as follows:


  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10 ‚Äď 20 people
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)
‚ÄúMystery Blogger Award‚ÄĚ is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
‚Äď Okoto Enigma
Let’s get down to it!
Three facts about me.
1. I was originally going to go to university to study makeup but right at the very last minute, I changed my mind and studied film instead, another one of my passions. Both makeup and film are huge parts of my life and I will always love them.
2. I have had guinea pigs ever since I was seven years old, I’m sort of trapped in a cycle of them now! My very first guinea pig was called Snow and he had a brother called Toffee who unfortunately died when he was quite little. We then bought Fudgee to keep Snow company and then when Snow died, we bought Alfie and Rupert to keep Fudgee company but he pined too much for Snow. Do you see where I’m going with this? You get trapped in a cycle with them. My current piggies are called Marmite and Branston – they are¬†angels.
3. I used to work with a Comic-con company and worked very closely with actors from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars etc. It was such an amazing job that I unfortunately couldn’t keep doing but I loved it nonetheless – I’ll have to do more posts about it in the future!
The questions I was asked: 
1. What has been your best achievement¬†you’ve gained through¬†blogging?
I think in general, just being able to write for so many amazing people and being able to write about something I really enjoy. I was so chuffed when I reached my first 100 followers and that was a big moment for me. There’s been a lot of goals that I’ve reached during my short time blogging and I feel so excited about all of them!
2. What’s your favourite time of year and why?
My favourite time of year is definitely the time of year we’re in right now. Christmas is my favourite, I am definitely a Christmas nut! I love carol concerts, cosy decorations, fairy lights, giving presents, receiving presents, warm jumpers, films under blankies! Ugh, summer could never even amount.
3. In ten years time, where would you like to see yourself?
I would like to be doing something I really enjoy doing, whatever that may be. I think life is too short to be stuck in a job you don’t like or in a relationship you know is toxic. I would like to be more confident than I am now, too. Ideally, I would have a dog! That’s a really big goal for the future but dogs require a lot of time and money which are both things I don’t have right now – but maybe in ten years, I’ll be a crazy dog lady.
4. When did you first start blogging?
I’ve been in the blogging scene since about 2012 but I’ve only recently come into this form of beauty blogging in the past year. Originally, I was on Tumblr and I was doing picture-blogging for TV shows and films. Then I moved over to the fictional writing side of it and I met my best friend which was amazing! We still write to this day.
5. Silly Question: If you were to be any fictional character, would would you like to be and why?
I would 100% be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. As I’m writing this, I don’t have a voice and haven’t had one for three months now but Ariel has always been my favourite Disney princess. I love the thought of mermaids so much!
My favourite posts:
My nominees.
The questions I want you to answer: 
1. What is your favourite thing to blog about?
2. How do you want to develop your blog in the future?
3. What convinced you to start blogging?
4. Is there anything you would do differently if you were to re-start a blog?
5. A weird one – do you have any weird combinations of food like marmite and chips? Tell us!
Thanks again to Kianna for this.
Morgie out.


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ūüéĄ Blogmas #16 – GUEST POST FROM MY SISTER ; five things you need for your Christmas outings!

Hey guys! This is another special post in Blogmas – a guest post from none other than my amazing sister. She’s been reading every single one of my posts and has been so helpful in my blogging process. I actually take all the photos you see on this blog in her room – it’s my little photography studio! So, I’ll hand over to her. My mum also wrote a post last week so you can check that out here!¬†

Hi everyone, 

Thank you, Morgie for asking your biggie to write a guest blog about one of my favourite things… fashion! I absolutely love clothes (triple wardrobe alert!) and enjoy looking at all my favourite high street stores websites to see what to buy next. With Christmas quickly approaching, party season is most definitely here. If you are like me, then a Christmas party is the perfect excuse to buy a new outfit and treat yourself so as I have my work Christmas party coming up, I thought I would share five items (that are £40.00 or under) to add to your festive wardrobe! 

  1. Embellished Neck Dress ‚Äď Oasis ¬£35.00 (Black or Burgundy)

A classic black dress is timeless and super flattering for everyone. I own a lot of black dresses but there is definitely space for one more! I love the simplicity of this dress with just a touch of sparkle along the neckline which is office party appropriate but glamourous too. Like the model, I would wear this with a dash of red lipstick, heels and then add a leather jacket for the chilly evenings. Even better, this dress is currently reduced from £50.00 to £35.00! 


  1. Stiletto Heel Pointed Court Shoes ‚Äď Marks and Spencer ¬£35.00

These shoes are my latest purchase; they are simply beautiful! A Christmas party outfit wouldn’t be complete without sparkle and these shoes enable you to access that trend in a subtle way without wearing sequins from head to toe. I tried these shoes on in the shop with a pair of leather look skinny black jeans and they definitely gave my outfit an extra special feel.  

Stiletto Heel Pointed Court Shoes

  1. Finders Keepers Perfect Pouch (Katie Loxton) £16.99

I love the deep teal colour of this pouch which has room for all your night out essentials: phone, debit card and lipstick! These bags are sold in a local independent stockist in my town and¬†are definitely on my Christmas wish list. The simplicity of the design with a cute message such as ‚ÄėOoh la¬†la!‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúTalk to the bag!‚ÄĚ adds fun to your outfit whilst the¬† simple colour palette means that these pouches will complement whatever you are wearing.¬†¬†



  1. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso 30ml Eau de Parfum Р£40.00 

Having mistakenly purchased this perfume when trying to buy the Poudree version last year, I was not disappointed. This perfume, which is a delicate mix of musk, amber and white flowers,  is an elegant and easy to wear fragrance that will last all night long.  

Image result for Narciso Rodriguez Narciso 30ml Eau de Parfum

  1. High waisted faux leather skirt ‚Äď Topshop ¬£25.00

I love leather (faux only!) skirts at the moment. They are so versatile and can be dressed up with a cami or dressed down with a chunky knit. So far, I have an a-line black leather skirt and a bottle green one but there is definitely space for one more. I think this skirt would look lovely with a thin long sleeve roll neck tucked in for an elegant look that’s cold weather proof too. 

Well, there we go! I hope you enjoyed my five picks for Christmas party success. Thank you again, Morgie for asking me to write a guest blog. 

Have a lovely Christmas. 

Big sister out. 


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*no affiliate links are included in this post. All opinions are entirely my sister’s own. Featured image belongs to Topshop and all embedded images belong to the appropriate links.¬†