Five things you need to get Hannah Baker’s wardrobe.

As you guys seemed to like my Hayley Williams’ wardrobe post, I thought I’d continue it with the beautiful Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. All of these products are from select as I looked around my other usual haunts but I couldn’t see anything that screamed Hannah. But then I went to select and found all of these products on the first page of the sale. #notspons.

Let’s get down to it!

  1. Green Brushed Check Shirt£7.99 

Hannah’s usual go-to is checked shirts with a graphic tee underneath or a floral. It’s all about layers with this girl so getting a checked shirt is the first essential you need for Hannah’s style. Green is also one of her go-to colours and looks beautiful with any hair colour.

2. Multi Button Floral Tea Dress, £7.99 

This is for one of her more formal looks, when she’s been to parties etc. Tea dresses always create and shape such a beautiful figure on whoever wears them and floral is another one of Hannah’s go-tos. Paired with a boyfriend cardigan and some Chelsea boots, this would be a complete look.

3. Black Rose Print Crochet Tea Dress£7.99. 

This is quite similar to the above dress but it has another one of Hannahs’ favourites – crochet! This is such a cute dress and would be perfect for casual or formal wear.

4. Coral Crochet Front Viscose Cami, £5.99

This is slightly more ambitious with the colour but it is still beautiful. Definitely more of a casual look but paired with skinny jeans (like the ones below, perhaps), this would be a eye-catching spring look that would definitely be worn by Hannah.

5. Bengaline Skinny Fit Trouser, £5.99.

Khaki is definitely an essential for a Hannah Baker look and it would go well with pretty much anything. I’ve bought some of these skinny trousers myself and they are so perfect. They’re well fitted, long-lasting and such good quality for the price.

So, there you have it! Hannah Baker’s look for a super cheap price. Other essentials you need for Hannah’s look are beanies and denim jackets – she wears them pretty much every episode. If you haven’t seen this show yet then see my link at the top with my review which may help aid your decision.

Comment below who you would like me to style-steal next!

Morgie out.


Five things you need to know about 13 Reasons Why (2017.) Trigger warning & spoilers ahead.

Whether positively or negatively, a lot of people have been talking about this Netflix original show. It’s been banned in some states, has concerned psychologists and has made its mark as a Netflix hit.

The story involves a girl who recorded tapes of thirteen reasons why she killed herself and leaves them behind for her fellow classmates and friends to know the real reasons. Obviously, the show concerns a lot of triggering topics and has greatly disturbed and moved a number of the people who have watched it.

So, what do you need to know?

  1. She definitely commits suicide.
  2. It’s as gritty and real as a teen drama can get.
  3. The characters are deeply developed.
  4. It’s not to be binged.
  5. It’s not to be watched by people who are facing similar issues.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Hannah Baker definitely commits suicide.

When I saw the trailer for the first time, I was certain that it was going to turn out that Hannah was still alive. According to the author of the book that inspired the series (which I have ordered on Amazon and will also be doing a review of when I’ve read it), he was originally going to have Hannah’s suicide attempt fail and she was going to survive. However, he felt that with the subject topic being so sensitive, he didn’t want to do that as it would upset many who had experienced it or who had lost someone to suicide.

Not that the rest of the show presents suicide nor mental health accurately.

2. It’s dark.

Harrowing is the only way that I can describe this show. Once I finished it, I felt physically sick and found that I couldn’t sleep. It brought back a lot of memories for me because of how open they were talking about teenage mental health. However, one of its many criticisms is that it doesn’t really discuss mental health. All of the things that possess Hannah to eventually and sadly take her own life are events that happen to her. To decide to take this drastic measure does imply that Hannah had a previous or underlying condition but the show never addresses it.

Another one of its darker themes is rape. I’m not going to spoil anything in case you do want to watch it but I think it’s something that needs to be forewarned to anyone watching it. Netflix did put a warning at the beginning of each episode when there was something disturbing (aka every episode) but they didn’t fully warn just how graphically both the suicide scenes and the sexual assault scenes were portrayed.

3. That character development though.

However much I wouldn’t want to watch this show again due to the nature of it, I still found myself falling in love with a lot of the characters. They were so different and three dimensional and (aside from Hannah) far from the YA fiction characters that you see. There was no sign of an Augustus Waters with a cliched cigarette hanging out of his mouth. All of them were believable.

Especially the lead, Clay Jensen. He was beautifully portrayed by Dylan Minnette who I feel will have a blossoming career after his spectacular performance in this. Clay was believable, lovable and you found yourself wanting to fix everything for him at more points than one. But the frustrating part of the entire series (and perhaps, one of its niches) was that you knew inevitably how the story was going to end.

4. It’s not to be binged.

I know a lot of people who did binge watch this series but I wouldn’t personally recommend it. I found myself spreading it over a month or two as I found it very emotionally draining to watch. It has affected a lot of people in their real lives which is why I think anyone who watches it should approach the show with caution.

Which leads me onto my next point.

5.   It’s not an ‘everyone must see!’ show.

13RW has been greatly criticised in the media for triggering young people into self-harming etc due to the graphic nature of the scenes. While I would normally say that it’s the media dramatising things, this time – I agree. I think the way they have so boldly discussed and portrayed these issues is both commendable and damnable. Commendable because the subject of teen suicide is something people steer away from because it makes them uncomfortable – but it is a very real issue that needs to not be shied away from. Our teens need help and to make their feelings ‘taboo’ because they aren’t talked about isn’t helping. Damnable because they implied that Hannah wouldn’t get any help from the people around her, thus implying to the audience that if they are facing similar issues – they, too, won’t receive any help.

This totally isn’t the case. There are always people to talk to, always people around that will help and most importantly, always hope.

I’ll have a brighter post next time.

Morgie out.



Five things you need from NYX Cosmetics.

If you’ve read any of my beauty/style posts recently, then you’ve probably gathered that I am a huge fan of NYX Cosmetics. I think they’re good quality for good prices and I would definitely say they are my favourite brand. I’m not keen on their lip liners because I think they’re too creamy and don’t line your lips as crisply as I would like but that’s the only bad experience I have had with this brand. #notspons.

So, let’s get down to the five things I can’t do my makeup without:

  1. Pro Pore Filler, £11.

This is hands down the best primer that I’ve ever used. So much so that I’m currently out of it because of how much I loved it, I use it every day. The texture of it is so… strange? But it feels so good on your face and really does do the trick. I struggle with open pores around my nose and forehead specifically so this has been a life saver but I use it all over my face, usually. It makes your foundation apply so much more smoothly, too, and leaves your face feeling smooth all day.

Image result for nyx pore filler

2. Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam£8

Obviously, you can adjust the shade to your skin tone but I love the pinky-pearly look that Gleam offers. This is my favourite highlighter of all time. I’m incredibly pale as I’m a natural ginger so I  really struggle to find highlighters that show up on me. The normal golden powder highlighters don’t ever show up on me but this one did straight away. It’s cool to the touch, too, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Image result for nyx liquid illuminator

3. Cheek Contour Duo Palette£8. 

This is another one that I wouldn’t be able to live without. When you’re pale like me, just a dash of colour like this contour/blush duo can make all the difference to the look. If you’re doing a more intense glam look as well, you can use a heavier hand and bake with translucent powder beneath to get a cheekbone line that could kill a man. (Also, can we talk about the packaging? Beaut. )

Image result for nyx duo contour blush

4. Lingerie Lipstick£7. 

I love all of these shades as I always go for cool toned lipsticks and these are all perfect. If you like liquid lipsticks, these are definitely the ones for you. They also don’t dry out your lips as much as I’ve found other liquid lipsticks do – the application is easy, smooth and the formula is soft. My personal favourite is Cabaret Show.

Image result for nyx cabaret show

5. Matte Makeup Setting Spray£7. 

Finally, my absolute favourite. I’ve never seen the need for a setting spray before until I used this. It makes your makeup last all day and leaves it with a matte finish. I’ve found that it makes my eyeshadow last longer, too, even if I don’t use an eyeshadow primer beneath. It’s perfect for those long days at work and leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed, just like the illuminator above. They also do a Dewy finish setting spray if you have a different skin type to me.

Image result for nyx matte setting spray

So, there you have it. I had someone comment on my April Favourites and ask for my favourite NYX product. Are they the same as yours? Or do you not like NYX? Let me know in the comments below!

Morgie out.


Five things I’ve loved in April.

We’re at May! How did we get almost half way through the year already? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were celebrating Christmas and New Year. So far, 2017 has been up and down for me but I really enjoyed these things this month:

  1. BEAUTY – NYX Colour Correcting Palette, £10.50 
  2. SHOWS – 13 Reasons Why, Netflix. 
  3. MOVIES – The Butterfly Effect, Ashton Kutcher. 
  4. CLOTHES – boohoo.com haul.
  5. MUSIC – Start of Time, Gabrielle Aplin. 

Now, I’m not going to break it down as I normally would as I feel 13 Reasons Why and The Butterfly Effect deserve reviews all of their own. Also, I haven’t finished the series yet because I’m finding it really hard to binge watch due to the nature of the programme. Which is weird, I’ve never had a show affect me like that before but this did it. I’m planning to finish the show this week so stay tuned!

  1. Nyx Colour Correcting Palette.

I’ve been suffering with redness around my cheeks and my forehead especially a lot recently. I think it’s due to the awfully dry air conditioning in my office (and also the fact that I haven’t been keeping the best eye on my diet, whoops!). Also, my eyes have been carrying bags full of the entirety of Sainsbury’s. They’re so dark, it’s crazy. So, when my sister bought this for me as an Easter present, I was so excited to try it.

The yellow is for dark circles, green for red areas, purple for yellow-y patches in the skin, pink for brightening dull skill and the lower levels are contour/concealer shades. The consistency is creamy and it blends in really well. I’ve always found colour concealing products hard to use but I give this a 10/10.

Image result for nyx colour correcting palette uk

4. boohoo.com haul!

Okay, so I always set myself a budget per pay cheque for clothes which usually lands me in the sales section of a lot of the different outlets that I turn to. boohoo.com is one of my favourite places to shop as I think the prices are affordable and the designs are so cute and wearable most of the time. So, this is what I bought below and all for under £24. Also, this post isn’t sponsored – I just love boohoo.

Image result for Rima 2 in 1 Cami with High Neck Slip Dress

Rima 2 in 1 Cami with High Neck Slip Dress, £7.00. I have been wanting one of these dresses for ages and I’m not sure if I’m going to like it or not because of the almost turtleneck shirt beneath but I’m excited to try it on and match it with some combat boots. There’s still a lot in stock from sizes 8-14 so you should still be able to get one of your own if you match those sizes!

Image result for Diana Striped Asymmetric Jumper

Diana Striped Asymmetric Jumper, £5.00. To be honest, this is quite a basic jumper but for the price, I thought you can never have too many jumpers! Especially stripey ones. I loved the neckline, too, as I like a looser neck. I’m a little concerned that it might be a bit itchy but hopefully not. They have them in stock in S M & L so grab one yourself!

Image result for Harriet Mixed Ribbed Waistcoat

Harriet Mixed Ribbed Waistcoat, £5.00. This isn’t a normal purchase of mine but I thought with the summer months approaching, this would be a good addition to add just that little bit of warmth around the chest and back to the rest of the outfit. It allso automatically adds edge to any outfit. They have this in Camel colour as well which would look good with the right complexion.

Image result for Alex Button Front Suedette Mini Skirt

Alex Button Front Suede Skirt, £7.00. Who doesn’t love a suede skirt? The only thing that’s putting me off is the large buckle in the front but I don’t think it’ll change my opinion of it too much. This purchase was actually inspired by Saf on Youtube as I see her wearing them quite a lot in her videos and they go with a lot.

5. Start of Time, Gabrielle Aplin.

This is an oldie(ish) but a goodie! I’ve never really listened to the lyrics before but I rediscovered this song and Gabrielle recently with I Miss You and decided to have a good listen. Here are my favourite lyrics:

I’m an atom in a sea of nothing
Looking for another to combine

This just speaks to me so much. I love it, so beautiful and simple. Give it a listen if you haven’t already.

Tell me some of your favourites and if you bought any of the same things!

Morgie out.


Five things you need to get that Hayley Williams wardrobe #aesthetic.

With the release of ‘Hard Times’, I found myself remembering my love of Paramore this week. I understand why people don’t like the song and I can’t say I had it on repeat but I will always love Hayley Williams’ cute wardrobe. So! Here’s five things I’ve found on sale this week that you can get to dress like the Queen of vocals. (P.S #notspons. )

  1. Slogan Hooded Windbreaker Jacket – Topshop, £40.00 

Much like the scene kid tradition that Hayley has always rocked, she loves wearing bright colours. This bright yellow jacket may be a bit pricey but worth it for the standout style and rainy spring we have ahead of us.

2. Satin Ruffle Shirt Dress – Topshop, £15.00

A bargain at £15, if you ask me. Especially for Topshop. This shirt with its high collar is definitely something I can see Hayley wearing with some printed tights and Doc Martins.

3. Mixed Emotions Ringer Tee – Forever 21, £7.70.

Hayley has always loved her graphic tees and this would be perfect with a choker (as seen worn by the model) and some distressed denim shorts.

Mixed Emotions Ringer Tee

4. Happy Face Graphic Tee – Forever 21, £10.50

This is a little bit more pricey for Forever 21, but it’s more like a jumper than a tee. Damn, Hayley. Back at it again with the graphic tees. I can see this paired with a pinafore dress (as worn by the model) but a simple black dress over the top would compliment this nicely.

Happy Face Graphic Tee

5. Adelynn Ruffle Detail Skirt – boohoo.com, £4.00

Our cheapest and cutest item on this list. For the price, I can’t believe this hasn’t been snatched up already but it’s the perfect Hayley skirt. It could especially work with one of our tees above or like the model, with a bright sweatshirt.

Adelynn Ruffle Detail Skirt

So, there you have it. Do you agree with my list? What did you think of Hard Times? And, would you like me to continue this as a weekly series with other celebrities/characters from TV shows/films?

Comment below and let me know.

Morgie out.


Five things you need to know about Kingsman: Golden Circle (2017.)

I don’t know anyone else’s opinion to this film franchise but it is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I watched the first film as something to do while I was wrapping up presents for my friend’s birthday – and within five minutes, I was hooked. So, to see the trailer for the sequel has my little spy heart pounding.

So, what did we learn?

  1. The HQ is going to blow up.
  2. But Mark Strong will survive.
  3. The Queen aka Julianne Moore is going to star in it.
  4. Channing Tatum is cosplaying Brokeback Mountain.
  5. Colin Firth is back?

Break it down now:


As far as trailers go, this one is pretty spoiler heavy. Such as the HQ blowing up, leaving Eggsy and Merlin in cinders (I haven’t mentioned yet how much I love the fact the agents have Arthurian legend names but I really do.) and point five in this post. However, the juxtaposition of the explosion and My Way by Frank Sinatra really drew me in and made me emotional within the first ten seconds.

2. Merlin returns.

I love Mark Strong. That’s all that needs to be said. They couldn’t do a sequel without him.

3. Give us Mo(o)re Julianne.

After seeing her performances in Still Alice and The Hunger Games, I have become a super-fan of Julianne. She is enigmatic, controls the screen and I’m so excited to see what she will bring to this story. I’ve yet to look too much into the plot as I want everything to be fresh when I go to see it in the cinema but I can’t wait to see whether she’ll be a villain or a hero. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for your favourite films with Julianne in, please comment and let me know.

4. Channing Tatum as a spy-cowboy?

What more could you want? I’ve never understood much of the hype about him but I am interested to see if he will prove me wrong.

5. SPOILER ALERT AGAIN – Colin is returning.

I don’t really understand why they put this in the trailer as Harry’s death was one of the most vital parts in the previous film for me. I was so shocked and upset (who likes seeing Colin Firth die?) so to treat his return from the dead in a haphazard manner has me questioning whether it really is Harry at all? Maybe I’m too invested? (Nah.)

What was your favourite part of the trailer? Please comment and let me know.

Morgie out.


Five things you need to know about Beauty and the Beast (2017.)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you’re aware that Disney’s newest blockbuster is the live action edition of Beauty and the Beast. There’s been a bunch of hype around the release of the film for the past two years, with teasers being released every few months, etc.

So what do you need to know?

  1. It forces you to remember that the story is about a beautiful, quirky young girl falling in love with a bull-lion-thing.
  2. There’s a few new songs to flesh it out into a needless two hour long film.
  3. Gaston is darker than in the animation.
  4. Their LGBT representation which was such Big News that it trended for two days lasts all of two seconds.
  5. It’s frustratingly unforgettable.

Let’s break it down:

Number one – Putting the Beast in Beastiality.

There’s a lot of things that we as viewers are willing to forgive and forget, act ignorant towards when it comes to Disney films for at the end of every film, there’s always some moral grounding. Beauty and the Beast’s lesson teaches us that beauty comes from within and we shouldn’t judge books by their fur-laden covers. However, while it’s easy to forget that Belle is falling in love with an animal during the animation due to the dehumanisation of cartoons; it’s all too apparent within this real-life remake. Even more so when Belle at the end when the Beast had transformed into the gorgeous Dan Stevens jests that he should grow a beard to look more like his previous self. I think it was a funny line for all the wrong reasons.

Number two – Quick! More backstory!

As opposed to its animated counterpart, this re-imagination has a whole extra hour of plot to boast. The audience were given an insight into the backstory of pretty much every character that came on screen (with additions of Gaston being a war-hero, the Prince having an abusive father and Belle’s mother dying of the plague.) Although these moments were meant to be poignant and were meant to explain more about the characters’ actions, it left me with a feeling of “…and?” It’s no shock to us as viewers anymore if a Disney character’s parent is dead – that seems to come with the territory. What would have been more of a shock would have been if the Prince’s parents were still in the Castle as a lavatory and a sink or something of the like. However, it all just felt like fluff to keep the story going and to make it a feature-length which was needless when the previous film did all of the groundwork.

I feel as if I’m being very negative which is why I’ll move onto my favourite part of the film – the soundtrack. Although the new songs again didn’t add much to the film apart from a few extra minutes, they were stunning. Alan Menken’s lyrics and score always steals my heart – he could re-write Banana Phone and I’d have it on repeat. With songs such as Days in the Sun and Evermore in addition to the classics such as Be Our Guest and Something There, the soundtrack in my opinion is the film’s strongest asset. Even though I was more than ready to escape the cinema by the time the Beast bursts into his angst song, the lyrics and Dan Steven’s dynamic voice brought a tear to my eye. Or ten.

Number three – No-one shocks like Gaston.

The thing that I’ve always found most interesting about Gaston in the animated feature is that in any other story, he would be the hero. I could write a post entirely of its own on this – the fact that he’s a little dumb (Prince Eric, not recognising Ariel just because she can’t talk but looks EXACTLY the same as the girl he saw only a day before), a little shallow (any Disney prince ever – they rarely fall in love with the princesses for their personality), and a makes him quite like the rest of the Disney heroes that we’ve seen. He’s saving the girl from a monster to his eyes, eager to marry her. So what makes him a villain? The fact that he would go to new lengths to get what he wants – even putting his future father-in-law in an asylum.

Number four – disappointed but not surprised.

I remember when they announced that there was going to be the first LGBT character represented in a Disney film for there was such an incredible amount of controversy and praise for Disney’s decision that I was expecting there to be a whole scene where LeFou comes out to his friends in the tavern or confesses his love of Gaston. However, what literally trended on social media amounted to nothing more than a two second clip of LeFou dancing with a man rather than a woman. Sigh.

Finally, number five – I can’t get this film out of my head.

Even though this review has been more negative than positive, I enjoyed it more than I didn’t. I would definitely watch it again to try and find some of the pieces that I had missed, to enjoy what I was too busy criticising. I think the fatal flaw with this rendition of the film is that the 1991 Beauty and the Beast was already perfect. Yes, we had more backstory. Yes, they filled in a few of the plot-holes. But the phrase “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” applies to a lot of Disney classics and Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review – please comment if you agreed/disagreed and let me know what you thought! Also let me know if there’s any other films you would be interested in me reviewing as I’m going to post one a week!

Morgie out.

Five things I did this weekend.

Hi guys! I haven’t been around much this week because it was my sister’s 28th birthday so we were celebrating that. I’m not allowed to take leave from work during May/June so we had to pack a lot into this weekend, so I thought I’d share it! Especially as I met someone very exciting.

  1. Had a cooked breakfast.
  2. Visited our beautiful countryside.
  3. Met Navi (aka, the official decoy for Michael Jackson) and Jennifer Batton.
  4. Danced until the early hours.
  5. Sat in a spa for a day.

I’m all about well-being. About making the time to do things that you love and one of my favourite things is to spend time with my family. We had a beautifully cooked breakfast with all the trimmings – bacon, sausage, beans, scrambled eggs, hash browns and mushrooms. If you’re not British and an Full English sounds really strange to you – I advise you to try it. It’s a thing of beauty.

I also like to take the time every now and then to realise that I’m very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world. It’s so easy to become acclimatised to our everyday and not appreciate the small wonders that can be just outside of our doorstep. I personally find my town very boring and lifeless but I am so close to rolling countrysides and cute seaside towns that I really enjoyed exploring on Saturday.

But my absolute favourite part was meeting Navi. If you guys haven’t heard of him, don’t worry – I hadn’t either. He was hired by Michael Jackson himself to be his decoy when he didn’t want to be spotted in public and wanted to escape and he also hired him to play at his birthday parties. He was playing in my town and it was such a spectacle to see. He brought the King of Pop back to life again and due to the very kind gift from my Mother, we also got to do a meet & greet with him afterwards. He liked my name and gave me a hug and bantered my sister about ‘leaving me hanging’! He was very funny and sweet and also wanted to make my mum smile. My mum recently broke her foot and is now in crutches. After seeing this, he asked me what my mum’s name was and then when she approached him greeted her by name. She was very perplexed but it made her smile!

The picture’s below:

I had quite a busy weekend as I also had a hen-do to go to but when I met up with my friends, they had already been dancing for hours! Even though I hadn’t had anything to drink, I still enjoyed dancing along to classics like Take on Me and Tainted Love.

Finally, I sat in a spa. Hovering between the menthol steam room, the hot tub and the sauna – it was so relaxing and what I needed after a stressful week at work. Even though most spa places are quite expensive, it’s definitely something to save your pennies for – I am still feeling the benefits today!

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow!

Morgie out.


Five ways I’m going to better myself this month.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m always looking for ways to better myself. I’ve been thinking about 2017 as the year where I fulfil the things I want, become the person I want and achieve my goals. This is a lot of pressure on one person – to fulfil your dreams, mould your personality like clay and also stay healthy, exercise often, keep a good diet and maintain a decent social life. So, I want to take baby steps by setting myself goals every month.

I feel like publishing them will add more drive for me to achieve these goals.

  1. Join my local Amateur Dramatics.

Drama has always been a passion of mine. When I left school (almost five years ago, yikes…) I was determined to keep my hand in drama and acting. I found it an amazing outlet of emotion and creativity but with the busyness of college and then uni, I didn’t get the chance. But this is the phrase I keep using – ‘I just don’t have the time’. It’s come to my attention that being an adult doesn’t leave you with a lot of time. I certainly didn’t think I would have time to run my own blog but it’s all about making time for the things you love.

Which leads me onto my next goal.

2. Continue making at least three posts a week.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my introduction into blogging. It’s been something that’s been at the back of my mind for a long time but the thought of ‘what happens if people don’t like it?’ or ‘what if someone at school/work finds it?’ was holding me back. But I’ve reached the stage now where I’m quite vocal about things I’m passionate about and I’m unapologetic in that. We are so wonderfully made that we have different opinions and I personally love hearing/reading what people have to say. Which is why I’m determined to maintain this blog to a standard that I am proud of.

3. Exercise.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – another New Year goal (mid-year?) that won’t be achieved. Everyone always talks about how they’re going to join classes and go on runs every night and the gym but if you’re like me (aka, not sporty at all) then this is quite a daunting prospect. I’m not overweight by any account but that doesn’t mean that I’m happy with the way I look and having a wall of mirrors in front of me and a bunch of healthy sporty people around me while I’m huffing and puffing trying to keep up isn’t my idea of fun.

Which is why I’ve asked someone I trust (my boss) to go on a run with me after work once a week so that I don’t have to think about what anyone else has to think but I can experience those endorphins everyone is raving about.

4. Moan less.

I always start the day with the best intentions to not end it moaning. I work in quite a high-pressured environment and especially at this current time, it is very stressful. Stress can lead to a lot of emotions running high and people wearing their grumpy trousers. This spreads like a virus, angering those around us but I am determined to not give in to the need to rant and rave about whoever snapped at me. This is a marathon, not a sprint – we’re all only human, after all.

5. Connect with people more.

I’ve found myself feeling sorry for myself recently because I haven’t felt as close to people that I was close to this time last year. Which has lead me to sticking to my comfort zone of safe friends and not trying to meet new people. I think if I make the effort to see more people, I might form some more friendships – even if this is a challenge for myself, I think it’s good to challenge yourself every now and then.

So, what are you guys going to do this month? Are you spring-cleaning yourself?

Morgie out.

Five blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week.

I’m truly blessed to follow and be followed by so many talented people. The WordPress community is so welcoming and new, I couldn’t resist telling you guys just a few of the posts that I’ve enjoyed this week – there’s way more than five but I’ve got to stick to my brand of ‘five things’!

So, let’s break it down.

  1. Outfit of the Day – Baby Pink & Golden Touch / glittersandroses.

I love how much effort you put into your posts, Emma, and this one was so cute and made me so excited for spring. Can’t wait for another ootd!

2. Ranking Every Batman The Animated Series / Wannabe Movie Critic.

I haven’t mentioned yet how much I love Batman, but I really, really do. It’s one of my favourite franchises of all time and I’m so excited to see the rest of this series. This is one of my favourite blogs – so articulate and funny.

3. IMDB Top 250 List / moviebabblereviews.

What an idea to go through all of the movies on this list – love it. I aim to do this one day as there are some seriously good watches on this list. It really inspired me to work my way through this list, too.

4. Be Careful What You Click On / chats&that

I feel like this blog is a diamond waiting to be discovered. I literally cried laughing at this post – can’t wait to see more!

5. Being A Woman  / laurenellenscully

I’ve had a rocky week with my body this week and this definitely helped me see things in a different perspective. People don’t talk nearly enough about this topic – major respect to you, Lauren.

So, there we are! I hope you all follow these amazing blogs – love them.

Morgie out.

Five things you need to know about The Butterfly Effect (2004.)

Hello, film fans! I haven’t written much about films this week as I’ve been on a beauty/style kick but I have to talk about this film which I mentioned in my April favourites. I saw a lot of good movies in April but this one had to be the one that topped the rest of them. It’s an oldie but I had never seen it before – I knew it was supposed to mess with your mind but I didn’t expect to get as emotionally invested as I did.

So, what do you need to know about it?

  1. Ashton Kutcher is brilliant.

This was something that really put me off of watching the film for a long, long time. I never really saw Ashton as someone who could take a role seriously. But like Jim Carrey did in 23, he really proved me wrong. I was worried that there was going to be too much comedy and it would detract from the serious nature of the film but it didn’t – his acting wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t crass and yes, he did make me laugh but it was from the dark delivery of some of his lines.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie, Ashton stars in the role of college student Evan Treborn who has seen more trauma than anyone his age should. He discovers when reading through some of his old journals that by reading them aloud, he can transport himself back to that time and change the course of history. One little thing can throw the entire future out, thus the title The Butterfly Effect which suggests the notion that a simple flap of a butterfly’s wings can change everything. Which leads me onto my next point.

2. It makes you think about what could have changed in your own life.

Me and my friend were only talking about this the other day. He said that his parents were planning to move to Australia when he was little and how crazy it was that everything could have changed – we could never have met and that would have changed a lot in my life. But because his parents decided not to move, we did meet. But what would have happened it we didn’t? I think I would like to Butterfly Effect a lot of things that happened in my life but as Ashton learns, he can see that sometimes, bad things do happen for the right reasons and that it shapes you as a person.

3. SPOILER ALERT – a dog dies.

I think this is quite a vital thing for people to know if they haven’t seen the movie as it was the moment where I almost stopped it. Actually, I did pause the film and had to walk away because I found it so uncomfortable to watch. I also found it quite needless – as if the writers had put it in there purely to be like yeah, look how grisly we are. this is a dark film.png sign us up for being dark and addressing dark things. It’s odd how a dog death can stick with you more than a human death.

Anyone see I Am Legend? Yeah.

4. You never know quite what side to be on.

Because Evan’s actions change a lot for the people around him, you never quite know who’s side to be on. In one story, a character is the villain. But when Evan changes their life, they turn into a Jesus-loving hero. But because we as the audience know that that character is actually more devil-like in the previous story, it gives you a very warped idea of who to believe, who to root for. I personally always found myself rooting for Lenny and Evan’s mum.

5. I don’t think I could watch it again.

It disturbed me in a lot of ways which I think is sometimes a really good thing for a film to do because it makes you think. But at the same time – there were some scenes that I definitely did not want to relive as I mentioned above.

All in all, I did think it was a good, thought-provoking film and I would give it a 7/10.

What did you guys think? Have you seen it before? Would you watch it again? What other films can you suggest that made you think like this one does?

Morgie out.

Five things you need in/on your work desk. 

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really pedantic about my work desk. Not about the cleanliness of it (my desk is 100% the messiest in the office, which I always tell my boss shows a creative mindset) but what is on there and what is in your drawer. Here are just a few things I think are essential.

  1. Something to personalise it.

The average full-time worker spends more time at work than at home, so personalise your desk if your boss allows it! Whether it’s a picture of your family, your dog or a little ornament. I personally have a collection of Funko Pop! Dolls which I have on my desk. I have a comic book Harley Quinn with a mallet as below. It really helps to spark conversation, too, if you’re new to your workplace as most people would ask about the picture/the ornament.

Image result for harley quinn funko pop doll mallet

2. Snacks.

Now, where I would normally pretend that I’m crazy healthy and keep blueberries and yogurt and granola in my snack drawer, that just isn’t the case. During the day, I get super hungry and I think it’s the fact that I’m not moving around very much due to the nature of my work. Normally, my snacks consist of crisps, crackers, boiled sweets and cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are supposed to improve your mood so if I’m having a bad day, you can normally see me scoffing them down.

3. NYX Argan Oil Lip Balm.

Yes, another NYX product of mine that I love and apply every single day at least a few times a day. My office’s rubbish air conditioning strikes again on the daily and usually leaves me with very sore, cracked lips. Sometimes, it gets so bad that they split and start bleeding which is super embarrassing in the middle of work. So, I always keep a little pot of lip balm with me and recently, I’ve been loving this one. I’ve had it since Christmas and have used it every day and it still has barely made a dent in it. Love it. It smells amazing and makes your lips super soft.

Related image

4. Perfume.

I feel like this post is just me complaining about the air conditioning in my office but it’s so bad. We have quite a small office with about thirty bodies in there and some of the people in my office (bless their hearts) insist on keeping a heater on all day every day. Even in the summer months. Which leads to me getting hot and sweaty which is why I always keep some perfume or deodorant or both in my drawer. It’s not very conspicuous with the loud SHHHHHHHHHH it makes while you apply it but it also helps to cool you down so it’s a necessity for me.

5. Tea.

Finally, this is the most important one for me. Tea bags. I’ve recently been loving Sainsbury’s Earl Grey tea bags because they’re super cheap, they’re Fairtrade and they taste amazing. I have a bit of a reputation at work for being a tea addict as I probably drink about ten cups while I’m at work but I find it really boosts my productivity.

Image result for sainsbury's earl grey

So, there’s my list of essentials I need in my desk! How about you guys? Do you have things that you can’t get through the day without? Does your office have awful air conditioning? Let me know!

Morgie out.

(P.S, how hilarious is that stock image? That’s me leaving work on a Friday!)

Morgie Rants: Tarte Cosmetics.

So, one thing I will say before I start is that I have never used/tested tarte makeup before. Not because I don’t want to – but because their website is so glitchy and awful that I cannot physically purchase what I want to try.

I was so excited when I checked my email half an hour ago to find that tarte were running an offer until midnight that meant that you could pick seven full size products including a makeup bag, lipstick, foundation, a brush, eyeliner and a blush of your choice for £50. Obviously, I quickly went onto the tarte site and began to pick through what I wanted. I was getting more excited about trying the products as I picked the shades I wanted and saw my custom bag coming together.

Then, when it came time to checkout, I clicked checkout. Obviously.

Then, the entire bag disappeared.

Thinking this was just a glitch with the site with traffic being too high, I came out and tried again and got to the same position before it deleted the bag again. I then thought it was because I wasn’t logged into my account yet so I tried to log in but it persistently told me that my account didn’t exist. Which it obviously does otherwise I wouldn’t have the email.

I finally (after many, many tries) got to the stage where I put in my card details. I got through the whole billing process and clicked ‘finish order’ – relieved that I finally got through the ordeal. Then, it said that the only thing I had in my basket was a 19p mascara and no makeup bag.

I was too tried and frustrated to continue and also wary that they could be taking my card details time and time again. All in all, disappointed as I was excited to try. I’m not sure if it’s the website’s fault and that it has some glitches that it needs working out or whether it was from the traffic being too high but I was frustrated nonetheless.

Did any of you have better luck than me?

Morgie out.